Parenting Mistakes We Should Avoid – Parenthood gives experiences to Moms and Dads in dealing with their kids. As the kids grow up, they are not Daddy’s or Mommy’s little kids anymore. When they’re entering teenager phase, they probably become moodier or more sensitive. At this point, we -as parents- will have new things to think about and twist our parenting skills to keep up with them.

To be honest, I’m in the middle of this phase he-he. So, I’ve got to learn much more about how to deal with my teenager a.k.a si Kakak.

Teenagers may sometimes have a higher level of emotional sensitiveness. That’s why I’m not amazed if someday they will test my emotional or patience limit. But yet, they’re still my kids. And they, for some reasons, still need me to go through the harder time in their life. All I have to do is having understanding what efforts are worth to try and which ones are miscarry.

Here are 5 Parenting Mistakes Parents Usually Do

1. Expecting the worst to come

Surveys show that teens whose parents expected them to get drawn in bad attitude or behavior, somehow, reported higher levels of what their parents are afraid of. So, instead of expecting the worst to come, it’s better for you to focus on your kids’ interests and hobbies, even if you are totally NOT understand them. Open new way of communication, reconnect with your love ones and try to do new things with them are the best ways to do. Remember, what you’re afraid of, it’ll come to you.

2. Reading too many parenting books.

Nowadays, many parents turn out their way of think, and take more advices on how to raise children from experts. I’m not saying that this is wrong. But, by doing this, many parents often change their own natural skills with many ideas came from books they’ve read.

And what happens next? If the recommendations don’t suit, parents become more worried and less confident about their own children. At this point, books become a serious problem. Reading books doesn’t mean you have to follow all the guidance. Just learn what you need to learn and then do what you believe is the best for your family. The rest? Just take it away.

parenting mistakes parents shoud avoid

3. Sweating small stuff

When your kids make somethings you don’t like, such as new haircut or a pair of new shoes, just relax. Do not judge them from your own view. Instead, try to understand their feeling and desire. Put yourself a step back and let them know that you still love them, whatever it takes. Children also need to express their selves as persons.

4. Wait for BIG stuff to come

If you suspect your kids doing something bad, do not look the other way! Even if it’s just a very slight change, you must take action. Watch carefully for unexplained changes in their behavior, appearance, academic performance, or friends. Again, do not take it easy. All those signs are critical and you must NOT wait for these little things become big and uncontrolled. But remember, while you do this, please make sure that you don’t judge them unreasonably.

5. Be too much or too little

As parents, it’s important to discipline the kids. But make sure that you don’t put too much emphasis on obedience. This will make your children miss the opportunity to make decision. Yet, too little discipline will not help, either. So, you need to balance the way of disciplining the kids. Remember, that your influence run deeper than you may think. Spend more time with your kids and make them understand that they can always come home to you.

Parenthood is not just about how to raise kids. Parenthood is all about giving love, sharing hopes, creating characters, and above all, become parents means we will have to be a lifetime learner. So, are you ready for this journey?

Happy parenting!

bety kristianto