Women always love to dress up, make over herself and have great looking. Yes, absolutely! They love to impress others by wearing great clothes, accessories, and other similar things. To support their performance, career women need to dress up in a great way. This, of course, has an important impact to her daily job.

Wearing something we really love is always fun. But, please do remember that not everything we put on our body has good impact to ourselves, especially when we are at the office. Fashion mistakes will lead us into disaster. Instead of getting promotion or praise, we can get troubled just because wearing improperly apparel.

Below is list of office fashion crime we should NEVER do wherever we work

Let’s check them out!

Mini skirt

This is a very NO-ITEM you should avoid in office area. Wearing this kind of skirt, including your fav black dress, will give you bad impression at the first time. Besides, you will be bothered by your own skirt when doing your job. You may not feel comfortable at all. Trust me! So, put it aside from your office suit collection!

Blouse that shows excessive cleavage

This kind of blouse is not designed to be wear in the office. The main reason is clear: you will only invite people to look straight to your top and give you negative point. Instead of wearing this blouse, you may put an elegant-but-simple shirt such as grey shirt with ruffles or white blazer mixed with black tanktop inside. I guarantee this will give you extra fashion point.

Your favorite top which are too short and show your stomach

Office is not place where you can have fun. Even though you really love your chic and expensive top, but if your stomach is publicly open, just simply forget it! Save it in your wardrobe until your next party or vacation time.

office fashion crime

Dirty shoes and clothes

People always hate something dirty, a pair of shoes or clothes. Wearing such dirty pairs when coming to the office is really not a good idea. It will screw up your day.

The un-ironed office suits

No matter how gorgeous your make up or hair-do is, if you came in to office in the morning with a messy suit, just forget about happy day. Instead of appearing great, you will seem  freaky. It’s the worst of the worst idea wearing something like this. In order to avoid this condition, please make sure that you have prepared what should be wear to go to the office, the night before.

Okay, that’s all we should know about fashion crime and the reason why. Please mark, that going to the office in a proper way is the most important thing beside your skill and ability. So, never ever careless about this!

Have a great day!

bety kristianto